NEW- Ron Blue Financial 25% DISCOUNT

NEW- Ron Blue Financial 25% DISCOUNT

NEW- Ron Blue Financial 25% DISCOUNT

Ron Blue Financial Stewardship Curriculum - 1 Year Course
Understanding how to use God-given resources for God-given goals and purposes.
As a  homeschool parent, you want your high school student to follow God's principles on money. But how do you teach them about stewardship, giving, saving and budgeting?  We are homeschool parents too - and we have felt the tension of raising fiscally responsible adults!  That's why we developed this interactive, media-based course in partnership with the great folks at Ron Blue.

Included with this purchase:

  • Subscription/license to access the course for 13 months
  • Use of the Student Mobile App providing access to all lesson content including student guides, videos, My Daily Compass, lesson tasks, lesson resources, the student’s personal, digital journal and assessments
  • Access to the Parent Learning Management System (LMS) which includes the course overview, additional resources (videos, articles, etc.), and the ability to control the pace of the class and track students’ progress through the Class Management and Feed Management tabs
  • Parent and Student training to ensure both are well equipped to get maximum benefit from the content of the curriculum as well as the functionality of the technology

Includes the following resources:

  • Unit 1: God Owns it All 
  • Unit 2: How to Live 
  • Unit 3: The Joy of Giving
  • Unit 4: Our Financial Responsibilities
  • Unit 5: Goal Setting and Saving

Need more info?  Download a sample lesson here.