The Power Player of Family

What is God's intentional design for an earthly family? Why are we called to honor and love our family members even when they hurt us? What does the Bible say about our spiritual adoption?

Family shapes who we are and how we relate to those around us. The Power Player of Family mini course focuses on how we can live out God's intentional design for family in the midst of a broken world -- keeping in mind that we ultimately belong to His family and share in Christ's divine inheritance.


The Power Player of Family Lessons:
Lesson 1: Honoring Your Parents
Lesson 2: Healing Our Broken Hearts
Lesson 3: The Two Greatest Commandments
Lesson 4: A Soul of Obedience
Lesson 5: A Mind of Obedience

Can be purchased as a monthly charge (2 month subscription), or 1 time.

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