What is Epic?

EPIC equips teachers to guide today’s teen toward knowing God and reflecting His glory. We do this through engaging curriculum written for Generation Z and delivered in their language on an app-based learning platform.


The concept for Epic Media Partners was born in 2016 out of the observation that there was a need for intentionality and direction concerning various aspects of our school systems. Iris O’Brien and Don Ankenbrandt, two of our founders, specifically perceived that much of the existing curriculum was struggling to be engaging, relevant to students and meeting them in the world we live in today while still holding a biblical worldview. Through further investigation and data gathered from the Barna Research Group, it became apparent that this problem existed not only regionally, but nationally as well. Barna determined that out of 69 million children and teens, only 4% had a biblical worldview.

As O’Brien and Ankenbrandt considered possible solutions, they began to meet with renowned trailblazers in various areas of education, Christian ministry, and cultural analysis to devise a plan for what would evolve into a revolutionary new model of education. What began as an idea to craft curriculum based off of The Seven Cultural Spheres— a concept developed in 1975 by Christian ministry leaders Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham that identified the areas of business, government, media, entertainment, family, education, and religion as the seven areas of culture could be influenced for Christ— has since evolved into EPIC. Our vision today remains true to O’Brien and Ankenbrandt’s original intent, as EPIC (an acronym that stands for Eternal Perspective Influencing Culture) exists to develop a biblical worldview in students while also equipping them to live out their faith and influence culture.

As the concept was concretized between January 2017 and March 2018, the EPIC core team of founders was completed with the addition of Monroe Jones (Feb. 2017) and Charles White (Jan. 2018). The model evolved into a tech-based learning environment that also includes biblical worldview teaching the Eight Prominent Sectors of Culture: family, education, business, government, arts/entertainment, media, religion and technology. As our learning platform has been developed, in addition to EPIC’s own biblical worldview curriculum, various influential Christian authors, thought leaders, educators, Church leaders, and business and entertainment industry professionals have come alongside us as “content partners” to contribute their work to what could be one of the most comprehensive biblical worldview curriculums ever created.

Yet along with developing world-class biblical worldview content, EPIC desired to create an immersive and relevant learning environment that students access on their smartphones and tablets. Epic’s multi-million-dollar technology— a tech platform that is being built by Compedia (a web development company in Tel Aviv that generated the technology for Museum of the Bible)— engages students with project-based learning while simultaneously communicating biblical principles in a language that they understand. Our emphasis on world-class technology is rooted in an additional observation made by EPIC’s founders, and that is that – generally speaking— students are bored and disconnected in class because many schools are paralyzed by what is now an outdated educational model that can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution. 

Our hope is that as we partner with various Christian schools across the nation and ultimately all over the world, these schools become the pioneers of what we believe will be a substantive educational disruption in America— one where students learn how to problem solve and think critically and creatively. Because of our heavy emphasis on creativity, the EPIC platform houses a school-controlled space for students to create and co-create content in the form of music, concepts, video, scripted and unscripted TV, podcasts, blogging, and additional forms of multimedia to bring an “edutainment” model to the world.

In our awareness of being an innovative startup with ambitious vision and an aggressive agenda, our mission is to produce faith-filled, biblical-worldview thinkers, creators, and leaders by utilizing an innovative learning platform that connects schools, teachers, students, and parents— ultimately inspiring culturally-relevant engagement and transformation.