Religion Mini Course



Power Player of Religion - Mini Course

As a parent, teacher or administrator, you want your high school students to follow God and make an impact. But how do you guide them through tricky topics like their purpose and origin, morality and civic responsibility?

Based on the teachings of Jonathan Morrow, this mini course examines these topics through the lens of religion, and also addresses questions like…What does the Bible have to say about truth? How does our concept of truth affect our worldview? The seven lessons in The Power Player of Religion Mini Course provide a close look at Biblical truth and its role in modern society.

The Power Player of Religion Lessons

  1. Truth
  2. Whatever Happened to Truth?
  3. What is Truth?
  4. How Moral Relativism Hurts Everyone
  5. Is Jesus Really the Only Way to God?
  6. The Tyranny of Tolerance
  7. How to Talk About Truth
  8. Why Truth Matters

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