New Testament 1 - Schools


New Testament 1 Curriculum - one semester course

EPIC’s New Testament curriculum is crafted to help students understand how God’s Word speaks to every aspect of our lives, while simultaneously communicating the story of God restoring His relationship with mankind-reconciling us to Him through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. The first three weeks of our New Testament curriculum gives students an overview of the New Testament that emphasizes its scope and sequence. The subsequent lessons provide a more comprehensive study of each Gospel, book, and letter-from Matthew to Revelation. 

New Testament 1:  New Testament Overview - 1,2 Corinthians

New Testament 2:  Galatians - Revelation (coming Spring 2021)

Included with this purchase:

  • Subscription/license to access the course for 13 months
  • Use of the Student Mobile App providing access to all lesson content including student guides, videos, My Daily Compass, lesson tasks, lesson resources, the student’s personal, digital journal and assessments
  • Access to the Teacher Learning Management System (LMS) which includes the course overview, additional resources (videos, articles, etc.), and the ability to control the pace of the class and track students’ progress through the Class Management and Feed Management tabs
  • Teacher and Student training to ensure both are well equipped to get maximum benefit from the content of the curriculum as well as the functionality of the technology