Make the Bible come alive for your homeschoolers.

We Know What You're Going Through

As a homeschool parent, we know that you want to launch faith-filled, Biblical worldview students to be the creators, leaders and thinkers of the next generation. You feel called to bring your students to high standards, and you need quality teaching resources.

We get that. Being homeschool parents, educators and youth ministers, we fight these same battles. Collectively, we have 100+ years of experience working with students and have come together to develop the EPIC learning platform.

So What Is It?

• A new approach to education!

• A combination of e-learning, safe social media, and project-based learning, teaching kids to create and lead.

• A Bible-based education framework leveraging technology to excite the students' love of learning and to teach practical application of biblical principles.

• It begins by helping students discover their unique, God-given purpose through identity and calling.

• Their individual purpose then guides their education. Our goal is to help students form a biblical worldview and to become future leaders of culture.

How It Works
Purchase course(s) on the Epic platform
Leverage our expertise to teach the Bible to your students
Track Progress with the Epic Learning Management System


"My Epic Journey sticks with you throughout the day, and inspires me to apply God’s teaching to my life! Ron Blue is an essential tool to understanding how to handle money from a Christian student’s perspective. I feel prepared for the big financial decisions ahead of me!”

Grace S. - High School Senior