What is EPIC?
EPIC is a technology tool that has been developed to help cultivate a life-long love of Jesus Christ while compelling users to explore how they are to participate in God’s redemptive mission in the world. Through our world-class Bible curriculum, social community, and app-based platform, EPIC aims to train young and old alike to learn wholeheartedly, grow spiritually, and engage communally.

Who can use EPIC?
EPIC is primarily designed for teenage students in Christian private schools or homeschool families, but our platform and curriculum can also be used in small groups, Sunday school classes, or family Bible studies.  

Are you a curriculum company or a technology company?
Yes. We are an education technology company that writes world-class Bible curriculum that is accessible through and crafted for our custom-built learning platform.

Is your curriculum only available through your learning platform?
The full EPIC experience for your students is incomplete without utilizing our learning platform, featuring a student app and a learning management system.  However, our curriculum is available in PDF format, although you will have to print at your convenience.

Do students have to use their phones in class?
No, our curriculum is intentionally designed for students to redeem the screen time they normally have outside of class and use that time to inform, encourage, and equip them to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Students can use their phones to complete certain group assignments in class, but it's not mandatory. 

Do teachers have access to the student app?
Teachers and home schools parents can manage and customize their student's lesson content, resources, and tasks through our Learning Management System (LMS).  Anything a teacher changes through the LMS automatically updates on the student app.

How do you ensure that the social media component of the student app is safe?
Teachers are the gatekeepers of what student work gets posted and what doesn't. This requires no extra work on the teacher's part, however; they simply switch on the "share" button in the LMS for a particular student submission after they review that assignment as they normally would.

Does EPIC belong to a particular Christian denomination?
No, we do not.  For a look at the foundational beliefs that guide our curriculum, view our Statement of Faith page.

What devices does the student app work on?
iOS: Apple devices: iPhones, iPads, etc.
Android devices: phones, tablets, etc.

What devices does the teacher's LMS work on?
Windows PCs: desktops, notebooks, etc.
Apple computers: Mac Books, etc.

Can students get dual enrollment/college credit with EPIC?
No, not at this time.

Does EPIC have curriculum standards?
Yes! Click here to view them.

Can EPIC curriculum be used as supplemental?
Absolutely! We purposely offer "mini courses" for that reason.  Mini courses are 1-2 units of lesson material— normally on a particular topic— designed to either test out EPIC for the first time or to incorporate into your existing lesson plans.

Are the EPIC homeschool and private school social media communities connected through the app?
No, private school and homeschool have their own separate EPIC communities.