FAQs - General

1. What is epic?

The epic app is an integrated and innovative project-based learning platform that uses technology to instill a biblical worldview in students. As parents, educators, business leaders, and youth ministers with a collective 200+ years of experience working with students in classroom and ministry settings, we want to join you in launching faith-filled, biblical-worldview thinkers, creators, and leaders into the world.

That’s why we have come together to develop epic: Eternal Perspective Influencing Culture.

By challenging students through age-appropriate critical thinking methods driven by a project-based learning model, epic teaches students how to problem solve and identify current cultural barriers that oppose a biblical worldview. Each lesson is designed to instill discipleship concepts and leadership skills so that these creators, critical thinkers, and problem solvers will lead culture with God’s perspective—ultimately teaching students how to create culture rather than merely follow it.

Additional benefits provided by our robust multimedia learning platform:

  • Parent and Teacher Community
  • Cultivates interaction between parents and students
  • Extensive and intuitive learning management system
  • Marketing and recruiting tool for schools

    2. What content/curricula will be available initially?

    • My Epic Journey (Understanding origin, purpose, biblical morality, and civic responsibility)
    • Ron Blue Biblical Financial Stewardship (Understanding how to use God-given resources for God-given goals and purposes). 

      3. What devices will the app work on?

      • iOS; Apple devices: phones, ipads, etc.)
      • Android devices: phones, tablets, etc.

        4. What devices will the LMS work on?

        • Windows PCs: desktops, notebooks, etc.
        • Apple computers: Mac Books, etc.

          5. What ages does it work for?

          For 2019, the content is designed for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students

          6. Who is using epic? 

          We know you want to make the best choice for your school and having others to talk with and data to explore is part of your decision making. With this being the inaugural year for epic, we are currently beta testing the app with more than 600 students in top-tier private Christian schools. Stay tuned as we bring their feedback to you.

          7. What is epic’s mission statement?

          To produce faith-filled, biblical-worldview thinkers, creators, and leaders by utilizing an innovative learning platform that connects schools, teachers, students, and parents— ultimately inspiring culturally-relevant engagement and transformation.

          8. What Is epic’s doctrinal statement? 

          To impact the lives of students, teachers, and families by instilling within them a biblical worldview, leading them into a true understanding of how to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ— ultimately helping future culture-leaders discover their purpose so they might become an active part of God’s plan.

          9. How long has epic been around?

          Founded in 2017, EPIC Media Partners, LLC has a two-fold vision:

          • Help students discover their God-given design (Ephesians 2:10)
          • Provide curricula on all subjects to inspire and equip students with a biblical worldview to be leaders in all areas of our culture: Family, Education, Religion, Business, Art & Entertainment, Media, Government, and Technology.

            10. What does epic teach?

            Epic is an interactive discipleship tool that teaches:

            • God’s perspective on life
            • How God’s Word speaks into all aspects of life
            • The 8 Power Players of Culture and how they align with your student’s passions
            • How to create, problem solve, and lead
            • How to identify purpose and calling
            • How to use social media responsibly
            • How to use technology respectfully
            • How to fulfill the Great Commission with the Great Commandment