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Tyler Young, Manager of School Engagement 

These course are available now for the 2019-2020. Click on the image to learn more about each course, and watch the video intro. 

The following courses are currently in production and we hope to have them available later in 2019.


EPIC’s Old Testament curriculum is intentionally designed to help students understand God’s character interwoven with His history with humanity. This course illuminates His saving promises that are ultimately fulfilled in Christ. The Old Testament is the record of the nation of Israel— God’s chosen people who struggle to follow Him time and time again, with the anticipation of the coming hope, The Messiah.


EPIC’s New Testament curriculum is crafted to help students understand how God’s Word speaks to every aspect of our lives, while simultaneously communicating the story of God restoring His relationship with mankind-reconciling us to Him through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. The first three weeks of our New Testament curriculum gives students an overview of the New Testament that emphasizes its scope and sequence. The subsequent lessons provide a more comprehensive study of each Gospel, book, and letter-from Matthew to Revelation. 


In the Life Calling course, students are taken on a journey of purpose, identity, and calling. Through our captivating online assessments and brain games, students will begin to see how they were uniquely created to live out their story and ultimately intersect with God’s story.

True-life purpose can only be found when we connect to the One Who made us. It is within the parameters of this relationship that we discover where, when, and how we fit into God’s story. Life Calling helps students find answers to these questions through a practical and engaging process, helping them to discover their unique Spiritual DNA. Life Calling teaches foundational principles designed to shape students’ lives, ultimately showing them how to fulfill the Great Commission with the Greatest Commandment. Once students walk down this path, their lives will never be the same!


Epic’s Apologetics curriculum aims to teach Christ-followers essential concepts relating to defending their faith before they step into their college journey. We have teamed up with one of the fathers of apologetics, Josh McDowell, with his son Sean. Our aim is to equip believing students, so they can know what they believe, why it is true, and how to communicate biblical truth to a skeptical world. Upon completion of the EPIC’s Apologetics curriculum, students will have developed a confidence in following Jesus, and be equipped with the right tools to live in a way that honors God as they move into the next phase of life.


EPIC is thrilled to partner with Jonathan Morrow—one of our world’s most brilliant minds in understanding Generation Z. Jonathan takes students on the journey of understanding how God’s Word stands firm in changing cultures throughout history. Morrow acknowledges that our students naturally have questions when approaching the Bible, and he helps students approach God’s Word in a way that actually strengthens their faith. Students will learn how to break free from the riptide of relativism. They will also learn what a worldview is, and how to thoughtfully critique the reliability of other worldviews.