EdTech Company Partners with National Ministry

EdTech Company Partners with National Ministry

EPIC Media Partners teams up with Undone Redone to expand impact

Birmingham, AL: Last fall, a new innovation in education technology was launched. After roughly three years of planning and development, the EPIC student app and learning management system (LMS) had its first official users. The app, which functions on mobile devices, is a learning platform modeled after the interface and interconnectivity of today’s most popular social media apps. Students can access lesson material, complete assignments, and interact with their peers’ work at any time and in any place.

As stated by EPIC COO Bill McMahon, “EPIC was founded on the premise of embracing the advantages of modern technology to narrow generational gaps and open avenues for speaking timeless truth to students in an age of anxiety, depression, and crisis of authority.” He added,

“Since our launch, we have learned that this technology can be valuable to large ministries also, giving their global audiences easier access to training materials and resources.”

Undone Redone is a Birmingham, Alabama based ministry, dedicated to helping individuals and couples who have been hurt by sexual addiction, sexual trauma, unfaithfulness and/or pornography to find healing and restoration.  The ministry has chosen to adopt EPIC's student app and LMS technology in order to provide the families and individuals it serves with an Undone Redone branded learning platform, making every course, resource, and community group accessible from any device.

Traylor Lovvorn, Undone Redone’s Executive Director, had this to say about the partnership: “One of Undone Redone’s core values has always been to redeem technology, and creating online courses for men, women, and parents has been the primary way we have been doing that since 2012.” He went on to say,

“As we have kept an ongoing pulse on where technology has been moving, we knew that we needed to begin delivering our content via an app that could be easily accessed on tablets and smart phones in order to effectively and efficiently reach our audience. Our partnership with EPIC is a natural fit in that they provide a world class learning management platform and also genuinely understand the importance and need for what our ministry offers to families. This is truly a game- changer for us.”

The vision of Undone Redone aligns perfectly with the vision at EPIC. Founded to partner with schools and organizations like Undone Redone, EPIC aims to harness modern technology as a means for digital discipleship, instilling a biblical worldview in its users.

Undone Redone has seen tremendous growth in their ministry across the country and see no reason why this won’t continue. Thus the need exists for a technology partner and robust platform to facilitate this growth and to provide its content and courses to its audience.

About EPIC Media Partners: EPIC is an education technology company based in Birmingham, AL. Founded in 2017, EPIC— with the help of Tel Aviv, Israel’s world-renowned software developer Compedia— has created an app-based learning platform that has all the capabilities and interactivity of e-learning software, while functioning like today’s most popular social media apps. EPIC simultaneously has a team of writers creating Bible/biblical worldview curriculum in partnership with some of today’s top Christian thought leaders, packaging this content with its learning technology for private Christian schools, homeschool families, and other organizations.

About Undone Redone: Undone Redone is a 501(c)3 based in Birmingham, Alabama whose purpose is to lead men and women to experience God’s grace in their brokenness as they learn to live deeply from the heart. Since 2012, Undone Redone has carried out its mission by providing resources in four specific areas: Men, Women, Marriage & Family, and Parenting. In order to foster lasting change, Undone Redone helps individuals address the deep root issues that drive behavior instead of focusing primarily on the external behavior itself.

Traylor and Melody Lavvorn, Founders of Undone Redone