EPIC is an app-based learning platform, featuring a student app and LMS, that uses media and technology to instill a Biblical worldview in students. Our mission is helping you teach faith filled, Biblical worldview students to be the next creators, leaders and thinkers of their generation.

The Reality

Kids are leaving the church and their faith in alarming numbers.

Less than 4% of Generation Z have a biblical worldview.

Their moral compass is influenced by culture, not the Bible.

Teens rank not recycling as one of the most immoral things you could do.

Gen Z spends on average 7 hours a day on phones and media.

Most Bible curriculums are not addressing these issues.

Creating the Standard

Unlike every other subject, there is no universal standard for Bible curriculum in schools.  With EPIC, you can set the standard.  Content from each of our lessons is derived from top Christian thought-leaders and vetted by seminary-trained professionals on our curriculum team.

Equipping the Future

As a homeschool parent, you live in the tension of wanting to build a safe environment around your child but also hoping to prepare them for a life away from home. What if you don't have to settle for one or the other?  Our curriculum lays a sound biblical foundation and demonstrates how such a worldview can exist in today's culture.

Teaching the next generation to create culture, not follow it.

App-Based Learning

Students can download our app on iOS and Android.



I believe this generation is the one that will bring revival, and I believe that EPIC is preparing this generation to harness the power of technology for its intended good.

Cindy Greer, Administrator at Westbrook Christian School

Our students were at their best when they took God’s word and used it as the basis for shaping their thought life and for producing their academic work. EPIC is the ideal outlet for this.

Michael Zavada, Former Trinity Presbyterian School Principal

The hard part about teaching is ‘how do you make a subject real and it not be just schoolwork?’ … What EPIC does is it takes the gospel and puts it in students’ language.

Will Worthington, Bible Teacher at Briarwood Christian School

God's word is the same today but the trumpets are different. EPIC is a new trumpet for a new generation.

Gil Ilutowich, Museum of the Bible
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